Brain is a super computer, capable of parallel processing. Learn powerful yogic techniques to power up your brain.

1) Balancing left & right brain technique.

2) Improving focus & concentration technique

3) Developing intuition technique

4) Yog nidra technique

5) Lucid dreaming technique

6) Health management technique

7) Genes modification technique

8) Age reversal technique

9)) Neurons changing technique

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1) It keeps us alive:

Between the first breath and the last breath of life, all experiences of life happens only because we are breathing. The breath is very fragile at the same time it is very powerful. Breath is the fuel of life which keeps us alive.

2) It is a bridge between internal & the external world.

Breath unites us with ourselves & the whole cosmos. All the energies of the cosmos runs through us through the breath. Every cell of the breath inhales & exhales energies. Through the breath we can improve our vibrations.

3) It is remote control of the mind:

The breath controls the activity of the mind. The moment we bring our awareness on the breath, thoughts just disappears. Breath is also the kurma nadi which holds our deep rooted consciousness. Through the breath we not only controls our mind but also access our consciousness.

4) It is a pattern of life:

If your observe your experiences of life, every things happens in a pattern. There is a pattern of thoughts, emotions, feelings, habits, behavior, money, success, health etc. The breath has an association with every pattern of your life. If you change the breathing pattern you can change your life events.

5) It is an energy:

Breath is an energy of the body, mind & soul. At physical body level our stamina, digestion, immunity, vitality etc is directly connected with our breath. Vital living energy is breath, which carries out all the functions of the body & mind.


Aura is a bio-energy field all around human body. It is basically a reflection of our internal energies. It is also a protective layer which protects us from any external energies. The size & color of the Aura is different from person to person. The energy of Aura resembles with our core nature, our personality, our thoughts & emotions. Aura is a very powerful energy radiating from us. Aura can be negative or positive. People with negative Aura are generally with all negative emotions like anger, resentment, stress, fatigue, trauma, depression, jealousy etc. Where as  people with positive Aura are very energetic, happy, successful, peaceful, helpful etc.

Aura has a very close association with mood & emotions. As our thoughts, moods & emotions changes the Aura tend to change. However we all have a standard structure which is very unique for every person. The overall structure of Aura changes with time depending on changes in physical realities. The aura shows certain colors in different areas.  All colors and areas have a certain meaning and reflect emotional and mental characteristics about us. You can see personal potentials, character types, and also problems and disturbances.


If we look at auras we often discover that there is one main or average color in the aura. This color reflects the main characteristics of our personality. Its meaning can be described with several keywords. We will often find that this reflects our personality in its core. Aura Reading is not difficult. An aura is an extension of the human body. It is the corona discharge we emanate as a field of light and colors. This corona is as excitable, reactionary and alive as we are. If we change drastically, it changes drastically. If we are rooted and balanced, the aura reflects this balance in its shape and colors.

Introduction to energy body:

Human system is made of different components such as mind, body, soul, aura, chakras, 72000 meridian lines, thoughts, emotions, 5 senses, breath, will power & 5 elements of nature. All these components are interconnected, any changes in one effects the other.

Energy body includes Aura, Chakras, meridian lines, Ida, Pingla & Susumna nadi. Function of the energy body is to provide energies to our existence. Human life is governed by 3 main energies i.e. vital energy, mental energy & sexual energy.

Vital Energy: is the energy of survival, which keeps us alive. Our survival takes place with cosmic energy & energy of mother earth. Through crown chakra we receive cosmic energies. Through root chakra we receive nurturing energy of mother earth. When these 2 energies integrate with energy of our soul in heart chakra our survival takes place. The energy of soul is getting nurtured & our survival is happening.

Mental Energy: The energy of mind is the driving force of our life. The journey of life & the experiences of life are triggered with mental energy. Healthy & balanced mental energy brings harmony & peace in our life.  Any discomfort or disease is also triggered by energies of the mind.

Sexual Energy: is the energy of creation, any creation that we do in our life be it happiness, success, money, relations, health, procreation, material wealth, home, car & everything is created by sexual energy. There are many advantages of sexual energy it can attract all luxuries along with perfect physical body and also helps to reverse the aging process, improves longevity.

The role of the energy body is to provide a structure by which these energies are provided, nurtured, generated & balanced. It is very easy to understand & maintain the energy body for effortless living. Free flowing energies in energy body enables perfect mental, emotional, financial & spiritual health. Any disease or pain on physical body is due to energy congestion of energies on our system. Similarly any discomfort in area of money, career, and relations are also triggered due to energy blockages on different levels of our energy system.

The main components of energy body are Aura, Chakras, 72000 Meridian lines, Ida & Pingla  & susamna nadi.



Human’s System of existence :

As a human we are a system, that is a synergetic mix of different components that are working in a harmony of each other to carry out a function. Say for example a car is a system which is made of different components of metal, plastic, rubber, power, fuel etc. When all the components of a car is doing its job perfectly, the car is used for its purpose of taking us from one place to another. Failure of even one component can disallow us to use the car for which it is designed.

Similarly humans also have a system of energies, that takes care of life for survival, pleasure & creation. The human system is comprising of main components like mind, body, soul, breath, chakras, aura, meridian lines, ida, pingala, susumna nadi, earth, water, fire, air, sky & will power.

When all these energy components of human system are balanced and functioning in harmony of each other, the journey of life is pleasant in all areas.  The energy system of human controls life in  area of physical health, relations, money, career etc.